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A World Within

Let Visitors Envision & Experience Your Museum Like Never Before

The Ultimate Engagement with Your & Any Collection – Digital, Interactive & Immersive, redefining educational engagement with fine art. Interactive, Inspiring and Enriching

A World Within©

is an educational installation accessible to visitors in an extraordinary way both in and outside the museum through an artificial intelligence system that allows the visitor to assimilate within the artwork and experience themselves within the work.

Picture This: your museum instantly comes alive, immersing visitors into new visual worlds; a space in which art goers of any age can step inside any given painting, whether a part of your museum’s collection or not. An opportunity to experience the world within an artwork like never before.

“A World Within ON-SITE” places museum goers into a visually immersive world where the focal point of the painting transforms, as visitors become an element in the image itself. Dynamic, animated, interactive and inspiring, delivering an unmatched educational experience to art goers on site at museums,

“A World Within ON THE GO” extends the fun to your smartphone, mobile device, tablet or computer via an interactive and gamified QUIZ, allowing site visitors to become a part of artwork or even see their selfie transform into a bonified portrait of renowned artist in his signature style.


What is
“A World Within

In simple terms, “A World Within”  is a chance for any museum goer to experience and access works of art that may not be accessible at your institution, or that could be exclusive to a special collection that isn’t ordinarily accessible to them with ease. They not only see the work, they become a part of the painting that’s digitally projected in your space, leveraging the educational angle of museum-going effortlessly and with the power of artificial intelligence.


Why Choose
“A World Within”
For Your Museum?

“A World Within” not only puts technology to practical use in a cultural setting, but it allows museums to leverage their visitor experience to a new level of excitement, with solutions that are shaping a new way to experience art – today and tomorrow.

Museums today are looking for educational programs with a twist of creativity and innovation to engage teenagers, children, students and art enthusiasts from all walks of life.
With technology’s advancements on the rise, art institutions worldwide are constantly investing in out-of-the-box thought and methods to draw in and captivate visitors. Budget cuts and the constraints that come with traditional sponsors’ ethical and health concerns in today’s day and age make visitor engagement particularly challenging. That’s precisely why creative, interactive and educational attractions are increasingly in demand, as museum’s often display a mere fraction of their full art collection with limited funding. “A World Within” not only meets the needs and challenges of museum engagement and art education today, but it embraces the museum-goer with color, creativity and a whole new way to experience exclusive works of art. Its impact is huge, but the installation is simple; with “A World Within”’s cost-effectiveness and versatility, allowing museums to generate interest and welcome your visitors with an unparalleled wow factor that’ll turn heads and create serious buzz.


Our Technology:
Artificial Intelligence Meets the World of Art & Humanity

Developed in collaboration with the makers of Intel, “A World Within” is an interactive educational installation that employs the brilliance of Artificial Intelligence to simulate the world within the works of artists from all centuries, movements, and styles.

Our neural network technology “studies” the niche painting style of artists from a range of periods and movements, all in real-time. It then reproduces the signature style of the artist, virtually immersing the visitors into the painting for an uncanny experience of the piece, regenerating the visual essence and style of the artwork that’s initially scanned.

A live video is taken with a depth camera that isolates the visitor from their actual physical surroundings to obtain a portrait video, free of any real-life background or visuals in the setting.


The Takeaway:
Educational &
Fun With A Visitor
Souvenir Like No

A visitor’s photo that’s captured during their “A World Within” experience is sent to them via email with insightful information about the artist, the art movement they belong to, or facts about their signature style – a unique and personalized souvenir that educates and inspires all in one. What appears to be a simple photo that’s taken as part of the visitor experience becomes the foundation for a potential drawing or painting class, or the inspiration to mimic a renowned artist’s style. With “A World Within” alone, the viewer becomes one with the artwork and transforms from an ordinarily passive museum goer and admirer of art to the focal point of the piece with just a few clicks.


A World Within

Take all of the excitement that A World Within ON SITE offers and bring it to anyone, anywhere on any device. Effortlessly allow your museum goers to have their portrait painted by renowned artists, as they simply go online to the A World Within ON THE GO (app/site), upload or snap a selfie, or any pic for that matter, and they’ll be viewing their images in a range of styles, from cubism, to expressionism, to impressionism and more. A World Within ON THE GO means art lovers are just a few clicks, taps or touches away from seeing themselves rendered by artists from any period, with an unmatched art history learning experience that’s truly unique.


Case Study:
Petach Tikva

The Petach Tikva Museum of Art, took their visitor engagement to a new level of innovation by scanning and integrating local artist Jeshayahu Scheinfeld’s paintings into A World Within ON SITE’s artificial intelligence system.  A range of Scheinfeld’s works are a part of the Petach Tikva Museum of Art’s permanent collection.

With A World Within ON SITE, Museum goers were inspired to instantly became a part of Scheinfeld’s naïve and colorful painterly world. His paintings were brought alive with visitors immersed into a space that embraces the beauty of nature’s simplicity – from air houses and happy hillsides, to cheerful donkeys, and nature’s gifts like flowers, trees and ships. 

Artist: Yehshayahy Sheinfeld, Petach Tikva Museum of Art
Artist: Yehshayahy Sheinfeld, Petach Tikva Museum of Art

Whether young or young at heart, Petach Tikva Museum of Art’s visitors experienced the phenomenon of becoming a part of art. Individuals became one with Scheinfeld’s work by merely moving in front of the works of art projected on site. Scheinfeld’s paintings come alive, and with shareable images from the interactive experience captured and sent to visitors as the perfect souvenir, the museum created opportunities for increased social media exposure and a more powerful online presence. The installation leveraged visitor engagement and interaction with the institution’s permanent collection, while visitors gained an educational and personalized learning experience of Scheinfeld’s pieces and the worlds he created in bold, beautiful colors.


This was one of the most successful and exciting programs I observed during my time at the museum. “A World Within” combines all the values we seek in the museum educational department. The success of the project is based on the children’s live encounter with the artist’s work in a fun and engaging way.

An initiative that opened up the opportunity for great workshop activities. The email they got, with their own photos, together with details about the artist and the art, added another educational aspect which we always strive for.

Reut Ferster
Director, Petach Tikva Museum of Art (as of August 2020),

Director, Education Department (2019)

Working on this project was a glimpse into the near future. An example of how technology and art can be combined together not just for the mere trick of illusion, but as an honest attempt to think conceptually how do we perceive an image”

Bar Yerushalmi
Curator at the Petach Tikva Museum of Art

“A World Within” succeeded in creating a magical mix of all the values we wish to bring to our visitors. The ability to present our collection in an exciting, engaging and educational way, connected visitors of all ages to the project

and stimulated interest in the limitless possibilities of technology, science and creativity. “A World Within” was exhibited for over 6 months (with not even one technical glitch.)

Drorit Gur Arie
Previous Director and Chief Curator, Petach Tikva Museum of Art, (2004-2019)


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